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Commissioner of Chhattisgarh Housing Board

Mr. Kundan Kumar
Mr. Kundan Kumar
+91-0771-2512122 (FAX)
e-mail: cghbho[at]gmail[dot]com

Head Office

Name & Designation Telephone/E-mail
image Shri H. K. Joshi
Additional Commissioner
e-mail: dcdurgc[at]gmail[dot]com
image Mr. Ajeet Singh Patel
Additional Commissioner
(Raipur, Nava Raipur, Atal Nagar)
e-mail: technical_section[at]yahoo[dot]com
image Shri S.K. Bhagat
Additional Commissioner
Shri R.K. Rathore
Additional Commissioner
image Shri Anand Mishra
Chief Accounts Officer (In-Charge)
Account Officer (In-Charge)
e-mail: caocghb[at]gmail[dot]com
image Shri P. K. Sonwani
Chief Estate Officer (In-Charge)
e-mail: ceocghb[at]gmail[dot]com
image Dr. Deepti Verma
Administrative Officer (In-Charge)
e-mail: admncghb[at]gmail[dot]com
image Shri B.B. Singh
Deputy Housing Commissioner
image Shri C. L. Dole
e-mail: architect_cghbho[at]yahoo[dot]com
image Mr. R.K. Sahu
Estate Officer
+91-94242-09013 (M)
image Shri Chitrasen Sahu
Estate Officer
e-mail: ceocghb[at]gmail[dot]com
image Smt. Jaya Kotasthane
Executive Engineer
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