मिशन विजन और लक्ष्य

The aim of Chhattisgarh Housing Board (CGHB) is to ensure dwellings with necessary support infrastructure for all its citizens.

  • The specific objectives of Chhattisgarh Housing Board are:
  • To provide shelter to all homeless rural families on subsidized rates and on priority basis.
  • To assist all the citizens of Chhattisgarh and in particular the rural poor to, secure for themselves affordable dwellings.
  • Remove legal and administrative barriers for robust housing activities in the state.
  • Mobilize resources and ensure increased investments in housing by promoting strong partnerships among public, private, co-private, self-help groups and local government institutions.
  • Promote integrates housing development for the establishment of viable, society and economically integrated communities situated in areas which allow convenient access to economic opportunities as will as health, educational and social facilities.
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